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New Fan Page, Blog And Youtube Channel Info Below

Discussion in 'Fan Art & All Things Foody Related' started by Diva, Nov 5, 2017.

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    Hi everyone my name is Maddie and I am a huge fan of foodstreet! I help support supersolid in many ways to help our fans with whatever questions you have on foodstreet.
    I am a VIP member for foodstreet & I receive all news on upcoming events, themes, decorations anything new and fun ect!
    I share all this cool info with all of you awesome chefs on my facebook fanpage.
    On my fanpage I post about all updates, upcoming events, decorations links to contests ect.
    I have a youtube channel where I post videos on our newest decor.
    I have a blog where I talk about foodstreet and I listen to all feedback your comments are very important to me. I posted all links to my youtube, Facebook fan group page and blog below..
    come on over subscribe, like or comment your support is very much appreciated


    Facebook group fan page:

    My blog page:

    Thanks in advance
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